Writing assignment

Last week I got a writing assignment for my English course due tomorrow. It has to be a 200 word story about whatever I want to write about. It just has to be a story that sounds good when read aloud. Quite easy, right? Well, for me it’s not. I love to write and I always know what to write about, until today to be honest.  What can I write about that’s appropriate to read aloud in my English class? Well, another story about my make-up routine is a bit boring, considering
there are a few boys in my group. I could go for the standard topics such as teenagers, binge drinking, alcohol abuse and so on. But I don’t want to do that.

You must be thinking what a total loser I am. I mean, I really want to do something with my writing after I graduate. I just don’t write on command. I can, if I know what I have or want to write about but I hate starting from scratch. Anyway, I think I did a proper job with this assignment. I have written a 200 word story without racking my brain out about some ridiculous topic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this nonsense.

xo Febe

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